Monday, February 11, 2013

Rafa Drops Final in Chile

Rafa lost the singles and doubled finals at VTR Open 2013 on Sunday. Rafa was beaten by Argentina's Horacio Zeballos in three sets in the singles final. Then Rafa and Pico (Juan Monaco) lost 6-2, 6-4 in the doubles finals against the Italian pair, Paolo Lorenzi and Potito Starace.

Photo credit to Tennis Now
Kudos to Rafa and his team. He deserves an even bigger trophy for passing with an A+ grade on his test. If you recall his press conferences before the VTR, he said that it was "logical" if he lost in the first round, after being out of competition for more than 7 months. But Rafa didn't fail. Didn't fail his team, his fans or himself. He sailed through to the finals, even with a rusty start. His loss today, is a huge confidence boost and he will draw positively from this in his south american comeback tour, because for an athlete to comeback and instantly win would be "unreal", and although it is disappointing that he lost, it is not a setback. the only way is forward. He is doing every thing right. He chose small 250 events in south america for his comeback, instead of european clay. He entered into the VTR doubles, not to win, but to get as much match time possible. this last week alone, he played 25 sets of continuous tennis on back-to-back days. He is like a diesel engine- starts slow but rakes in the mileage once he is "on".
I'll support him all the way!  Vamos Rafa!

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